Hygiene sluice

1.1 decounit

Our hygiene sluice consists of three compartments, with every compartment separated by a self-closing door.

The sluice is very easy to (de-)install in various set-ups, both in a straight line and in a curve (L form) set-up. With this, the door panels can be placed where desired, so that the hygiene sluice offers a solution for every situation.

With our hygiene sluice you have a ready-made solution which also meets the requirements of the fixed Regulations for Rearing Calves IKB Veal Calves!

Art. code: ENV - 050

  • Long lifespan
  • Universal solution for businesses that keep calves, poultry and pigs
  • Complies with fixed IKB standards
  • Simple to install in various set-ups
  • Always preservation of residual values