Water Management System


The Watermanagement system of Envi International distinguishes
itself, because of the fact that it is very simple to operate and easy
maneuverable due to it’s design.
In addition, the housing is made of a very durable and also a easy
recycable material which is light weighted.
The watermanagementsystem takes care for heating the water
and the transport to the shower cabin.
In addition, the watermanagentsystem makes sure the waste
shower water gets drained and filtered afterwards.
Just all with only one push at the button!

Art. code: ENV - 006

  • Very durable
  • Light weight
  • CE inspected
  • Compact design
  • CE inspected
  • Easy to operate
  • Incl. hoses and accessoires
  • Available in 110V
  • Deliverable incl. locking system/options for several markets